BGC 9 starts this upcoming Monday @ 10 PM EST! I’m excited, I’ll be back then! All u lil BGC blogs can post your ugly blurry grainy ass gifs until then lmao. I know ya’ll thought I was gone L O L!

I didn’t forget about yall! I’ll be updating soon! It’s just that I’ve gif’d everything possible from season 8! Lmao, and I don’t really have other seasons in HD & don’t really want to gif other seasons unless it’s like Natalie etc.

You think Tanisha is acting for TV but Natalie isn't? lmao Natalie is the most over the top of any bad girl in the entire series! But I mean, ay, everybody's entitled to their opinion.

Ew but Tanisha is just annoying. Natalie pulls it off. She the  baddest<3 Lol

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I wish Morgan would have stayed all season. Lol. She deff would have been my fav.

what is your favourite show?

Hmmm. I don’t know??……..

Why is your fav BG Natalie...LOL My favs are Char, Kristen, Annie, Stasi, Judi, Camille, & AMY!!!

Everyone you listed is ok but omg not Char. She’s so annoying. Smh. Idk cause Natalie reminds me of me! Lol. We the cutest.

i agree with you about mehgan lol. she seems REALLY snobby and sounds like a dumb white bimbo. also in her casting video it looks like she has a worse overbite than erica.

LOL! And then in her casting video she tries to act ghetto but she just looks stupid. Smh.

So far, i'm not like Meghan she is pretty annoying and seems like a punk to me. I thought it was hilarious when Erika was like "Don't put your fucking hand in my face"! lol I think I just like Christina what are your thoughts so far?

Same. Lol. Idk I don’t have much cause I’ve just seen a couple clips but it was funny when Erika was doing her “warning” to the girls. L O L

I think the most annoying girl in season 9 is gonna be Meghan, When she’s like “I want you to smell good boo” omg her voice is so annoying. So far I think Christina is gonna be my fav for season 9.


Rihanna taught me how to make Gifs. Britney gave me Photoshop tho.

Idk about you guys but Tanisha is stating to annoy me. The way she acts in her show seems like she&#8217;s over doing it for TV. Idk.

Idk about you guys but Tanisha is stating to annoy me. The way she acts in her show seems like she’s over doing it for TV. Idk.

love your blog sweetheart

Thank you!

Holy Fuck BGC Is My Favorite Show Ever! This Is My New Favorite Blog! BTW, Camille Is My Favorite. Ever. Lol. Love You! <3

LOL! Thanks!